Collin Seow is a qualified Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) who holds a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) qualification. He has been awarded the Top 10 Achievers in PhillipCFD for many consecutive years and he is also a reputable trainer with long standing-record.

Collin is the proud inventor of a stock trading algorithm/software known as “TradersGPS”. Given his vast experience in trading, he is often sought after to speak at numerous prestigious conference such as Shares Investment Conference, Shareinvestor Carnival, Phillip IFest, Investor Wealth Summit and the MetaStock Conference. Recently, he has authored his own book titled “The Systematic Trader”, that details his journey and methods on turning a $250,000 debt into profits through stock trading.


Jason Loh is an innovator at heart with a mission to drive the growth of start-ups through the power of intellectual property. Jason is an advocate of active utilization of intangible assets and is an expert in developing growth strategies for private companies through global IP strategies, IP monetization, IP risk aversions, technology IP innovations and IP to business strategies. He is the founder of Piece Future, Asia’s Global Private Intellectual Property Bank that serves as a vital component of the IP innovation ecosystem.

Jason is a serial entrepreneur, with the experience and foresight to detect tech trends that shape the future of the economy. He is also the cofounder of i2P Ventures, a tech driven private incubator. Through his guidance of i2P Ventures, Jason has mentored startups within the beauty, logistics, semi-conductors, internet of things, and the

We are established specialists, leaders and entrepreneurs in our own fields. With past experiences ranging from legal to finance to business, we hope that we can provide the best advice, services and experiences for our all Trading members. Whether if you're a trader from equities to Forex, derivatives, Algo, intellectual property or any other trade industries, we have tailored Trading Place for all yourbusiness needs in a cosy, friendly community environment.

Temporary desk in a shared space

$20 per day or $150 per month

includes roaming desk, day/ month access, all amenities excluding lockers & mail handling service, shared unlimited wifi access.

& Tea

Permanent desk in a shared space

$500 per desk per month

includes established desk, monthly access, all amenities, shared unlimited wifi access, partial meeting room access.

& Tea

Lockable private office

$3000 SGD/ month : 6 to 8 people

Includes private lockable fully furnished space, private wifi, private phone line, full-time everyday access to private and shared space, all meeting room access, all amenities.

Mail & Package

For ad hoc meetings

$30 per hour : 6 to 8 people : 19 sqm

Includes meeting room furnishings, coffee/ tea, use of presentation screens, whiteboard, projector, hourly access to room, reception services.

Outdoor Place

For hosting events, seminars, public talks, etc.

$170 per hour : 40 to 50 people : 70 sqm

Includes furnishings, coffee/ tea facilities, shared wifi access, use of presentation screens, whiteboard, projector, microphone and sound system, hourly or all day access to shared space, reception services.


For elfresco networking

$60 per 3 hours : 20 people : 40 sqm

For hosting events, seminars, public talks, etc.

Includes outdoor furnishings and grass carpet, coffee/ tea facilities, shared wifi access, hourly or all day access to shared space, reception services.

Our Resident Members
What our clients say about us
“An awesome co working space + incubation hub for setups, trainners and traders to congregate to work/study conducively in comfort, with all the amenities of cafe (free flow of coffee/tea!) minus the noise and distractions, and also a nice place to network with like-minded entrepreneurs/traders after working hours where Tradingplc frequently conduct seminars for business owners and traders to mingle and connect!!!”
Seah Chen Yang
“Trading Plc is a very strategic n convenient co-working space that meet my professional needs especially location and amenities. All discerning enterprises who needs cost optimisation are encouraged to check it out and take advantage.”
“The peaks of working in TradingPlc is that you get to work network with people from different experties. I get a little brain dead if I stay in a particular seat for a long time but in co-working space, I get to move about within the same, comforable area.”
Cfd Angel