Welcome to the 2017
National Youth Forex Trading Competition

Whether you’re just about to begin your investment journey or a seasoned investor, here’s a
challenge for you! Brought to you by AlpsSocial, this Competition allows you to pit your trading skills against
other young investors in Singapore. Trade using a virtual account, there is only ONE objective.
The one with the highest profits wins!
Opportunities to network
with fellow traders
worth of
prizes to be won
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Investment Education
Existing Members can Sign Up at the SG National Youth Forex Competition Community at Alpsocial.com

Joint Partners :

Backed by the UOB Group, UOB Kay Hian is a regional financial services Group
headquartered in Singapore. We are the largest domestic broker by size of sales-force
and shareholder’s equities. Our global footprint now spans Southeast Asia,
Greater China, United Kingdom and North America.

Rules & Regulations


Winners will be determined based on their ranking of their overall equity balance which includes their unrealized profit and loss. The objective of this Competition is to have the overall equity balance to be as high as possible, subjected to the following conditions:

  • 1) Each participant would have an opening account with USD$100,000 in DEMO.
  • 2) Ranking is based on the user’s total overall equity balance, which includes their unrealized profit and loss.
  • 3) If there are 2 or more participants with the same equity balance, they will be ranked according to their winning rate and average return for each trade.
  • 4) There would be three categories of winners – weekly, special and grand prize winners respectively. Special awards will also be given to the best written Trade Journals each week.

Every participant can check the top 10 positions and their own ranking based on their Total Profits made on the National Youth Forex Trading Competition circle.

The final ranking will be updated on the AlpsSocial’s Competition site on every Tuesday, by 12pm.

All award winners must produce original copies of NRIC/Driving License in order to claim their prizes.

Terms & Conditions

Participants agree to be bound by the rules of this Competition

Competition Period

  • 1. The Competition period is from 1 October 2017 to 31 October 2017. Participants will have time to understand how the Forex Markets operate during this period.
  • 2. This Competition is based on Demo-account trading on MT4 and not linked with any live-trading accounts.
  • 3. Participants must publish their trade insights for each trade. Participants would be awarded points for every trade insight published which would go towards their ranking points.
  • 4. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend seminars held by our educators, The Forex Army and LCMS. The seminar details will be made available to all Participants via the Competition Circle at www.alpssocial.com/NYFC2017
  • 5. Every participant has a maximum of 8 lots Per Trade. Minimum trading volume is 0.1 lots. No micro lots trading allowed.
  • 6. Participants are able to trade all currencies pairing listed on the platform inclusive of gold and silver.
  • 7. Participants are to close their positions by 31 October 2017. Any open positions would be closed to facilitate the calculation of the final score and ranking of the Participants.
  • 8. Trading using EAs, Signals and Copy Trading are not allowed in this competition. Participants may face disqualification from the competition.
  • 9. Participants whose Margin Level fell below 100% will result in disqualification.
  • 10. Participants may enter a long and short trade on the same pairing at any time. Do take note the margin utilisation will be doubled.
  • 11. No placing of trades when the market is closed.
  • 12. Each participant shall not engage or permit a third party to compete on his/her behalf.
  • 13. By entering the Competition, all participants will be deemed to have consented to receiving mailers, promotional materials or other documents provided by UOB Kay Hian and AlpsSocial. Such documents will be sent directly by UOB Kay Hian or AlpsSocial without disclosure of the participants’ particulars to non-affiliated third parties
  • 14. The use of any inappropriate language and/or images during the Competition is strictly prohibited. Such participants (“Defaulting Participant”) shall be immediately disqualified and his/her account shall at the discretion of the organizers, AlpsSocial and UOB Kay Hian, be suspended and/or terminated without notice to such Defaulting Participant.
  • 15. All decisions made by the organizers, AlpsSocial and UOB Kay Hian, are final.

Competition Registration

  • 1. To register for this Competition, applications must fill up the online registration form found at https://www.alpssocial.com/competition. Any other forms of registration are strictly not allowed.
  • 2. Applicants would be registered as participants of the Competition once all documents are verified and approved.
  • 3. Applicants can only register once.
  • 4. After the participant’s registration is approved, the participants will receive a confirmation email with their login details within 2 business working days. Should any participant not receive your login details, pls write an email to support@alpssocial.com for assistance.
  • 5. Participants found to be ineligible for any reasons will be disqualified and barred from this Competition at AlpsSocial and UOB Kay Hian’s discretion.
  • 6. Registration is free. A SGD $20 rebate promotion will be given to the participants has a UOB FX Live account and have 5 standard round turn trades.

Eligibility terms

This Competition is open to all persons, except for persons below, from age 21 to 35 in Singapore. Any persons who wish to participate must first register for this Competition.

The following persons are not eligible to participate in this Competition:

  • 1. Employees of AlpsSocial and UOB Kay Hian
  • 2. Immediate family members of Employees at AlpsSocial and UOB Kay Hian
  • 3. Non-Singaporeans whom do not have a local residential address and postal code.

Prize Announcements and Collection

  • 1. Prize winners for this Competition will be determined by 6 November 2017. Thereafter, they will be notified by email or phone. Names of the prize winners will also be published on the AlpsSocial Website.
  • 2. All prize winners must produce either their Identification Card/Student Card/any relevant documents to prove that he/she is presently living or working in Singapore else the participants would be disqualified from the competition and not receive the prizes.
  • 3. AlpsSocial reserves all rights to substitute the current prizes with another of equivalent value and amend any terms and conditions without any prior notification. In the event when there is a dispute on the interpretation of any terms and conditions, AlpsSocial’s decision is final.
  • 4. By participating in this Competition, the applicant agrees that AlpsSocial may disclose his or her name and photos of the prize collection for publicity purpose. The applicant also agrees that Alpssocial can disclose his or her your profit/loss, trading volumes, markets traded or any other information in connection to this Competition.
  • 5. The prize presentation ceremony will be held on 11 November 2017.
  • 6. Ranking is based on the user’s total Realised Profits.
  • 7. If there are 2 or more participants with the same Realised Profits, they will be ranked according to their winning rate and average return for each trade.


  • 1 Sept 2017 - 18 Sept 2017 Early Bird Registration
  • 18 Sept - 22 Sept 2017 Registration and Account Setup
  • 23 Sept 2017 0930 - 1230 TFA Seminar 1400 - 1700 LCMS Seminar
  • 23 Sept 2017 - 29 Sept 2017 Trial community based trading
  • 1 Oct 2017 - 31 Oct 2017 Actual Competition
  • Award presentation: Bonus Prizes will be awards also to the Best Journal written each week - so go ahead and get rewarded for your Financial Education!

Our Forex Mentors

LCMS profile


Jin Dao is a full time-trader with over 10 years of experience in trading FOREX. He is the Founder and Managing Director of LCMS Traders, a proprietary currency trading firm run by a team of dedicated traders with over 20 years of combined experiences between them.

LCMS Trading Academy is run by trader educators, not just educators. There are many educators in the market who do not trade, and after a while, their knowledge of the market would deteriorate and their trading techniques may become outdated as the market changes. As trader educators, the team at LCMS Trading Academy continue to trade and take time to educate and coach students during periods of quiet market. This ensures that they can continue to improve on their techniques and remain relevant as the market changes.

The courses at LCMS Trading Academy are specially designed by the in-house trader educators to teach traders the strategies and risk management techniques required to become a full-time trader. In fact, the trader educators at LCMS Traders has mentored over 500 students and most of them have went on to trade professionally, full-time or part-time.

LCMS Trading Academy helps students to become more confident and consistent in their own analysis and trades. The reason is that LCMS Trading trader educators develop customized strategy for each of their students. They pay close attention to the way the students trade or react to certain market conditions over a few months and provide tips or guidance on how their students can avoid some of their mistakes or capitalise on their own strength. As such, any trader - whether a novice or an experienced trader - can learn more about their own trading styles and become a better trader at LCMS Trading Academy.

More information can be found at :


The Forex Army Profile


The Forex army is founded by Desmond Leong. Desmond graduated from NTU with a degree in banking and finance and has went on to win the 2015 and 2016 Best Independent Research House Award by The Technical Analyst. As a Forex and Fixed Income Analyst at BBSP, Desmond has provided advanced technical strategies and analysis to trading desks of leading banks and hedge funds including Goldman Sachs and Bank of Singapore.

Today, Desmond is the head of technical analysis for three major brokerages and Commander of The Forex Army. As a seasoned trader, Desmond understands that terrain for retail traders can be especially difficult to navigate and especially overwhelming for those trading alone. However, Desmond believes there is no mission too difficult for an army of dedicated and trained traders and this inspired him to form The Forex Army.

The Forex Army lives by three simple statements - Trade Together. Profit together. Enjoy life together. The soldiers work as a team through the Live Forex Trading Room where everyone is trained from the forex scalping strategy guide to pick out good areas to buy and sell as the market becomes volatile. Soldiers who perform well will be promoted and given the opportunity to lead other soldiers and manage funds if their trading profitability is consistent over a period over six months.

The Forex Army goes beyond building an online community of traders to cultivate friendships that last a lifetime. The soldiers work together to continuously beat the forex market day after day and always make it a point to go through the definitive guide to forex scalping, encourage each other, pick profitable entry points, and make money together.

The journey is not easy and not meant for everyone. But for those who are willing to take the leap of faith to achieve financial freedom and make new comrades, The Forex Army is the place for you.

More information on The Forex Army can be found at :