BetterTrader interprets market data for you in real-time.

Act instinctively with real-time trading insights generated by predictive analysis.

Improve your analysis

Using our artificial intelligence algorithms, BetterTrader is a web and mobile application that sends you information about macro events as they happen. BetterTrader calculates the magnitude of an event using historical data and artificial intelligence to predict market reaction.

The perfect fusion of artificial
intelligence and human trading

A succinct line of all the information you need is provided and displayed clearly and concisely. Use your own experience and expertise to make a competitive decision, with the help of our artificial intelligence systems.

Analysis is sent at the exact
moment an event is released -
that's real "real-time"

Time is the key element in day trading. BetterTrader allows you to be decisive by giving you information at your fingertips, all in one place. Cut down the time it takes to mentally process information by using our unique technology.


We created the perfect combination – a pool of skilled
traders and an intelligent investing system – for you
to gain a competitive edge in the market.
Experience the difference today with

Develop Your Trade Plan Easily

A good trade starts with a great plan. Here’s what you should include in your trading plan:

Record your reasons for exiting or
entering a trade in your Journal
to ensure you are following your
trading plans. Analyse your
previous trades to understand
and work on your trading
psychology and mistakes.

BetterTrader + AlpsSocial Exclusively For You :

  • AI Economic Calendar
  • Real Time Markets Notification
  • Price & News Driven Trade Ideas
  • Voice Assistant
  • Professional Trader View
  • Professional Trade Journals
  • Join 3 Premium Expert Communities
  • Mobile and Web Friendly
  • Mobile Chat
  • Educational Events

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